• Rvs International School is a Co-Educational Secondary School institution affiliated to the CBCE on Provisional basis since 2009. The school has been operating officially under the trust/society Rvs Educational Trust ( Trichy). The school is equipped with 12 class rooms and all essential facilities. If you're looking for details in admission/application forms, fees, school timings, vacations/holidays schedule or facilities provided, kindly visit the relevant department of the school.
  • 1. New admissions will be made subject to availability of vacancies.
  • 2. Pupils who have attended any recognized school will be admitted with a Transfer Certificate from the previous school
  • 3. New Peoples are admitted on payment of the tuition fee, activity fee and term fee to be payable at the time of admission.
  • 4. The fee once paid will not be normally refunded even if the pupil, for any reason leaves the School immediately after the admission.
  • PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL : The Pre-Primary School Program at Rvs International Schools comprises Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG and UKG).
  • PRIMARY SCHOOL : The Primary School Program focuses on the child’s unique potential both inside and outside the classroom. We start using the Litera Octave approach from Class 1 onwards.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL : The main objective of this stage is to help the children make connections between the meaningful experiences in life and the courses of study.
  • SECONDARY SCHOOL : The entry into the Higher Secondary Program is based on all these.
  • » RVS started off as a neighbor-friendly center for Early Learning and till date upholds the banner of success in focused Child Centered Education.
  • » The fun filled environment is stimulating and so makes every child enjoy learning. To make it more explicit, each child assured of a safe environment. Each parent places confidence in facilitating each child to meet challenges.
  • » For this a unique curriculum is offered to strike a between LEARNING and PLAY.
  • » This is projected very well because each day is structured with time to learn and play. Some of our teachers have acquired extensive training in early education through the Montessori curriculum.
  • » It is not important whether you win or lose but the fact that you have participated is of prime importance.
  • » Every child has been taught to face the challenge of being a sports man and realizing the hard ship of the game before they stop on the victory podium to receive their trophies.
  • » The school believes in the above line and has provided ample opportunities for children to excel in the sport of their choice.
  • » The school provides outdoor and indoor games & sports facilities, such as Kho-kho, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Softball, Table Tennis, Throw Ball, Hand Ball, Net Ball, Volley Ball and Carroms etc.